Why Many Democrats Want To See President Trump Fail Especially During The Covid-19 Crisis

The short answer is democrats know they will probably lose 2020 and they are hoping to use this crisis to at least keep their majority in the house.

It’s not coincidental that democrats are ALREADY pushing for investigations into how Trump uses relief money during the covid-19 crisis. But why are they already accusing him of misspending money that hasn’t even been spent yet? They try to hide behind the term OVERSIGHT but it seems more like democrats already made up their minds that Trump will misuse the money BEFORE he uses it on anything at all. What’s the point of “oversight” if you’ve already have your mind made up before investigating? The democrat definition of “oversight” seems like an excuse to waist more of our time and money disguised as a constitutional duty of congress!

So what’s really going on with the DNC / Media?

They HATE this man with a passion! I’m not saying they hate his ideas. I’m saying they hate him as a person. I know that’s confusing because BEFORE he ran for president these politicians, Hollywood snobs, and media hacks had a hard time separating there lips from his as*! How is it a person they once loved runs on the same ideas every politician before him ran on (but never did) and BAM now everyone (elites) hate him! Not only do they hate him and want to ruin him and his family BUT they demand that YOU hate him too! So much for freedom of thought right? In fact, If you don’t hate Trump it’s only because something is clearly wrong with YOU! It’s not them. Well, I call bullsh*t!!

Check out the video below from 1988 and see for yourself how much of a Donald Trump fan girl Oprah was in 1988 when Trump says exactly what he ran on (and did) in 2016. So why did they (Oprah) turn on Trump?

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Has President Trump been saying the same thing for decades?

What Trump was exposing in this 1988 interview is ironically related to what we are learning now today while dealing with Covid-19. America shouldn’t rely on any foreign country for supply chains! Especially medicines, medical supplies, food etc. We should never forget China has threatened to not sell us medications while we were dealing with Covid-19 simply for exposing what should have been obvious; The FACT Covid-19 came from China and they REFUSED to allow American top doctors and scientists in to help them fight the virus BEFORE spreading it all around the world.

If The Media (democrats) Fails To Get Rid Of Trump He will Expose Corruption By Politicians And How The Media Helps Them Cover Up Their Crimes

They need to get rid of this guy before he exposes them ALL. This guy didn’t give up the “good life” and work for free only to have his once great reputation ruined 7 days a week by the same media people who once lacked the ability separate their lips from his as*. Does that sound fun to you? There is ZERO benefit to Trump or his family by him being president. He did this to stick up for the “little guy” who has been being taken advantage of for DECADES!

Do you really think they can fool enough people to vote for Joe Biden?

The democrats know they can’t sell this guy. They also know true moderate democrats will NEVER vote for Sanders. And yes Comrade Sanders has a decent following but for some reason his voters don’t find it important enough to get out and vote for him. That leaves creepy Joe “Dementia” Biden.

You know it’s bad when the best person you have not only shows signs of dementia, has been accused of rape and inappropriate touching of women and children, but he’s also corrupt as sin. I mean it’s either that or the Biden family are the luckiest people in the world. (literally) Think about it; almost every member of the Biden family nails down amazingly high paying positions in fields they know NOTHING about. Well except for his beautiful niece who was found guilty of credit card fraud. You can call it “coincidence” if it makes you fell better but how many times can this same thing happen before we start to think maybe it’s not coincidental at all?

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It’s all about the vice president pick!

Trust me when I say nobody is really exited to vote for Joe Biden because they actually like or believe in Biden. They are only going to vote Biden because they hate Trump and they seem to think Joe might be able to get enough votes to win! What if Joe Biden selected a vp that democrat voters ARE exited about? Could that be enough to keep Biden in the race?

The Covid-19 crisis seems to be an audition for the vp spot in my opinion. Could it be Cuomo or that nitwit Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan? Let’s face it a governor makes an excellent vp pick because they bring executive experience which could make democrat voter feel more comfortable just in case Joe Biden loses his mind in the white house. (highly likely scenario) Gov Whitmer banned hydroxychloroquine in Michigan despite the fact this drug is looking more and more promising every day. Did she really want to do that or did she have to because she’s running for the vp spot? It seems likely she was trying to show America she could “take on” President Trump. Don’t listen to me listen to this Joe Biden ally / ex coworker Rahm Emanuel.

I know you aren’t going to suggest they no longer believe “ you never let a serious crisis go to waste” as they literally do just that. As I said in my last article wouldn’t they use this crisis to show off their front runner (presidential candidate) if they were confidant he could win 2020?

Democrats know it’s unlikely they can win 2020 but they are going to attempt a hail Mary anyway. They will try to create a hero out of one of these democrat governors using Covid-19 as a last ditch effort to help prop up creepy Joe Biden. If they can’t get that to work (they won’t) i guess the next best thing is to promise more investigations into Trump as a way to keep their majority in the house.

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