Why Does The Media Keep Getting It Wrong?

At some point it becomes impossible to accidentally get it so wrong!

For the last 3+ years it seems like the media get more stories wrong then it gets right. Even after getting busted reporting false or misleading stories they don’t write a new story and highlight it the same way they do the false stories. They quietly go back to the incorrect article and make a few changes and add a microscopic footnote buried at the bottom of the article knowing nobody will ever see it. If it was a sincere mistake wouldn’t they want ALL their readers to know they were wrong and how they corrected it?

Has anyone ever noticed that the media ONLY gets stories wrong when they think it will hurt president Trump but they NEVER get a story wrong that might be favorable to the president? This reminds me of the rigged voting machines that accidentally voted for democrats BUT never republicans. By now most people should be starting to realize that maybe the “media” has an agenda and is willing to destroy their credibility to carry it out.


Why would the media promote Chinese propaganda? The very journalists that started out calling Covid-19 the “China Coronavirus” now say it’s racist to call it that. Really? If that was true (it’s not) then why hasn’t the media apologized for their”racist” comments?

I know the Russia Hoax was long ago but how many stories did the media get wrong during that 2+ years of propaganda they put out? They told us it was wrong / illegal for the Russians to write articles because it “influenced” the 2016 election yet those same people are now knowingly promoting Chinese propaganda and it appears they are doing it to influence the 2020 elections in favor of the democrats. Is it coincidental the media is pushing a man with dementia to become the democrat nominee to help their dear friends in China? You can’t be foolish enough to believe that the man already paid off by China and other countries (Biden family) is less favorable to the Chinese than the man (Trump) that ended their one sided trade agreements.

Remember when the media ran 24/7 stories about Trump saying he wasn’t mentally stable to be the president of the United States without having any proof anything was wrong with him? You haven’t heard ANY stories questioning Joe Biden and his clear signs of dementia though have you?

There is exactly 0% chance these media “mistakes” are accidental! The media has clearly colluded with the DNC and corrupt communist countries like China (and others) attempting to influence the 2020 election. The president once said that “fake news” was the enemy of the people and to be honest every day that goes by this becomes easier and easier to see he was right.

Is President Trump Doing a good Job?

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