Impeachment Of President Donald Trump 2.0

Unless you are like some people who are still sleeping it should be clear that democrats are contemplating impeachment 2.0. I don’t ask you to take me at my word but lets take a close look at what the pioneers of impeachment 1.0 have to say about it.

Impeachment Of President Trump 2.0

So what does Adam Schiff have to say about this? He seems to suggest we need to start thinking about investigations because incompetence kills. HIS words not mine.

Why are democrat politicians already focused on the next game of “gotcha” instead of doing what we can to successfully eradicate this virus? Adam still hasn’t even shown anyone the so called “proof” he had for his last hoax (or Russia hoax) and he’s already decided the money for Covid-19 which hasn’t even been spent yet will be misused? Really? In about 7 months the American people will decide who they want to be president by VOTING for the person they want to run our country. So why on earth would democrats waste our time and lots of money trying to take down Trump INSTEAD of highlighting why their candidate is much more qualified for the job?

Is Donald Trump Doing a Good Job?

Lets face it democrats have a smart, hair sniffing creep with dementia running for president and have no reason to be worried about 2020! That’s why they’ve instructed the 3rd arm of democrat party (media hacks / pundits) to tell us that Joe Biden would make a wonderful president and there is no reason to look into all the potential corruption his family is involved in. A Joe Biden presidency would be swell! Just think about how awesome it would be watching his family get richer, while ours go poor, and the best part is Joe Biden wouldn’t even know what state he was in. What could go wrong? Or you could always just vote for the millionaire communist comrade Sanders. Clearly the democrats have nothing to worry about so it would be insane to think impeachment 2.0 is them accepting their SECOND epic loss to President Donald J Trump in 2020!

So what kind of nonsense will they pull this time?

It seems the latest hoax is president Trump didn't “act” fast enough and people died because of it. “Trump lied and people died” is their new talking point. I know its confusing because around Jan 31 president Trump took an action which resulted in temporarily banning travel from China (Covid-19 hotbed) to the US. Not only was he warned not to do this but he was also called RACIST etc. BOTH Trump and FOX news were attempting to “scare” people because they needed an excuse to justify this “racist” act regardless of the fact that had he not restricted travel from China our problems here in the US would have been 100 times worse than it is now.


Why have the Democrats changed their position from Covid-19 is no different than the Flu to Trump didn’t act fast enough?

So what changed? How did the president go from “overreacting” to now “underacting” like the democrats would like you to believe? The ONLY thing that’s changed involves their latest scheme to prop up a man with dementia who they desperately needs to win the election in 2020; This plan is rapidly falling apart! There is 0% chance democrats are confident Joe can win! Even democrat voters know this which is why Gov Cuomo is beginning to look attractive. Even with the Covid-19 crisis in play Joe Biden (hiding from public) continues to pop his ugly head out making unforgettable gaffes because clearly he’s too far gone to control himself at this point.

The bottom line is this: Democrats most likely know they are about to lose big in 2020. More than likely they will lose the house too BUT that doesn’t mean they will go down without a fight. UNLIKE the Republicans the Democrats will go down swinging no matter what! Impeachment 2.0 won’t work any better than it did the first time (they don’t care) but it won’t stop them from doing anything they can to damage the president as much as they can. Why wouldn’t they? They have NOTHING to lose!

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